Maintaining reusable components

I just wanted to understand how does everyone store/maintain/use the reusable components which they develop for their projects?
Do you store them in a shared drive? Or in Orchestrator libraries?


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Check below for your reference

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Hey @BotQueries

The first and best method is to store in the Orchestrator Tenant Packages > Libraries.

Whenever you use this library as dependency for any of your project it will download automatically from the Orchestrator Host (provided this is enabled in the manage packages)

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Thanks Nithin.
Just a follow up. Once we pull those from Libraries into our code (through Manage packages), if we want to modify that component slightly to suit our needs or debug the components inside, would it allow us to do that?
If not, we then need the source to be stored somewhere as well right?

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No, only the compiled libraries will be uploaded to Orchestrator libraries.

You can open it in a separate solution through UiPath Studio and debug it if required.

The code can be stored in any of the Version control systems like git…


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