Mainframe automation - using Multiple containers in flowchart

Hi ,
I created a workflow with a flowchart inside a Terminal container and got the below error from Workflow analyser.
(ST-DBP-007: Flowchart used in a secondary layer)
To resolve it, is it advisable to use multiple terminal containers(for each terminal activities) in a single flowchart. Please advise on any best practices to resolve the issue.
Thanks in advance.

Was this issue a ‘warning’ or an ‘error’. Coz I guess you might have used workflow analyzer and received this in output. Let me know whether this is blocking your bot testing/execution or it is just a warning. :slight_smile:


Thanks Raghavendra for getting back. It is coming as an error as we have enabled workflow analyzer. It is blocking the bot execution. Could you please advise with solving it and best practices with related to it

Yeah you can set your own rules for the analyzer - let me know whether this helps :

Thanks Ragahvendra.