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Hi GM all,

I have created a project with 3 sequences, (Main.xmal, Sequence1.xmal and sequence2.xmal) from studio, so when i run the project from studio i can able to see all the sequences running and executing. But when i run the same from orchestrator,it is executing the script written only from the main.xmal file.

Is it expected?

What should do if i want to run all the sequences too from orchestrator

1.Drag and drop the sequences in the main work flow as per the requirement.


2.Use invoke workflow activity inside main and invoke the sequence 1 and sequence 2 respectively.


3.If the sequences are to be excuted based on some decisions,
Drag a flowchart and then use invoke workflow to call respective sequence.


HI @Ram0803

IN Studio, you can run individual workflows separately depending on how you have designed it. However, when running in the orchestrator, it uses one xaml file as the workflow where it starts the execution from. This you can see in Studio as well. If you go to the project panel, you will see that main.xaml is set as the default main workflow and will shown in a bold format. This means, whenever the project is executed, main file is the one that will get executed first.

So, if you want other workflow files also to be executed, what you need to do is that you need to invoke them inside the main xaml file. For this, you can use invoke workflow activities in the main xaml files sequence which enables you to invoke other workflows.

Place them in the order you want the files to be executed and then publish the project to the Studio and try again…

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This worked fine.


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WOrked fine


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