Main.xaml Is Missing From Package Folder In Non Persistent VDI After Reboot Of Server

How to run the process with the error "Main.xaml is missing" ?

Issue Description: In a non-persistent VDI Citrix infrastructure , there is policy which would wipe out the entire user data during reboot. However before removing the entire data , the user profile is copied to a centralized repository and is copied back to the machine when the same user is logged in. The issue arises for main.xaml as it is a read only file and cannot be modified or written unless the user is administrator , this is an additional security imposed to ensure packages are not modified.

From 2019.4.x onwards, an option is present to disable secure xaml during installation or after installation.

  1. During Installation
In the Platforminstaller.exe , Disable Secured Xaml should be checked as shown in screenshot below.
  1. After Installation
Modify uipath.config file present in location C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio . Ensure disablesecurexaml is set to "true"