Main.xaml-Cannot access a disposed object -When trying to run any tab apart from main.xaml

Hello Team
I am using UI Path Studio Pro and is following Ui Path Academy Basic RPA developer course.

I create a new Process for a topic say Loops and then by defaultmain,xaml gets displayed and i do my actities over there.Now If I create another workflow say a new sequence or a flow chart It gets loaded in another tab.
Then if I need to run it everytime the main.xaml code gets executed and if i close main.xaml tab then I get the error “Object cannot be exposed with an object id”

To avoid this I have to create a new blank process every time.

Can you please suggest the problem.I am new to UI Path and might be it could be some wrong configuration.


hi @nukul

Welcome to the forum, if you choose to run/debug another workflow file , I would recommend you to right click on the new workflow file and do a set as main

In the debug process,Ui path runs the workflow file which is bold font always .
In order to run another workflow file in debug mode you would need to right click and click as “set as main” before running in debug mode.