Main window does not appear StudioX

Hello colleagues
I have the Studio X version 2020.10.0.0 beta.1008 Community license.
The problem is when I create a new task, the MAIN window does Preformatted textnot open.
I attach an image about it.

before 20.10 beta 1008 which version did you had installed?
can you please close studiox, make sure is not present any task in taskmanager and then search the uninstall programs and see if you only have one version of studio installed? can you uninstall the one/ones you have and try again to install beta1008?

Thanks for you answer

OK. I will try and comment on the result

I did

I had no version before 20.10 beta 1008, I already uninstalled it and now install 2020.4.3 and the problem continues
What else could I do?


My TaskManager has this

Use this procedure to clean after uninstall:

also can you change the language just to make sure? try english
i’m not able to reproduce using win7 and same build as you have

It worked by switching to English, I didn’t imagine that was it.
Thank you very much!

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I guess you also had windows in same language as studiox or only studiox?

Only StudioX

this is a problem because of the .net framework, you need also to install the language package for it. This is available whatever the windows version you run.

But, since 20.10 release we no longer support windows7

Thanks a lot for you help and for share knowledge

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