Mail reminder/ unique mails

Hi All,

I have a case in which iam sending daily mails, so I need to send reminders on those mails in which there is no reply, however the problem is that I don’t have unique mail subject to loop through the mails.

is there any way I can have unique thing to distinguish the mail, does serialization for the mail works, if so can any one help.

Hy @m0e91,

I believe the easiest way to do this is to add some sort of unique id to your subject, so you can extract easily with a Strings.Split Function.
For example: Subject id xxx - Item yyyyy

Could you try that?


Hello William!

In my case i have item number in the subject but it is not unique for all mails, so how i will make each mail unique
Even if i use substring to get the item # from subject, it is not unique per mail

Hy @m0e91,

What I am telling is that I suggest you to create something unique in the email, either in the subject or the body, so you can scrape. Can you do that?

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister,

well this is my issue is that I don’t have unique thing to scrap a certain mail
the mail looks like this, the RFQ # in the subject is not unique, so iam thinking of scraping the excel in the mail with the material, and concatenate it with the subject together to be unique code.
what do yo u think?


but I faced an issue here is that if get reply, in the reply if there is no excel, i will not be able to capture this mail , since the excel is not available in the reply