Mail Notification for Faulted Jobs

Hi Team,

Currently we don’t have any option to notify the business users if Job is faulted(Unattended Bot machine password expired or some other reason) in Orchestrator.

It would be great if it notifies users through mail for faulted jobs. So that business users will be aware of the issue and take necessary action.

I would suggest you to add an option to enter Business user email ids under Triggers page. So that it will send mail notification to the corresponding users incase of job faulted.

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If your job is faulting, you need to do better error handling in your code. You should catch the error (Try/Catch), send the email, then divert to the job ending gracefully.


Yes we already doing error handling in our code and getting mail notification incase of any error occurred.

Here I am talking about Technical errors like Unattended Bot machine password expired etc. In that case, Job will be faulted and we won’t receive any mail notification.

That’s not something a business user should be notified of. Orchestrator has alerts and will send you an email for faulted jobs, but those should go to your RPA team not business users.


In my Organisation, Business users only has permission to reset the Bot machine password and we don’t have separate team to monitor the Orchestrator Jobs. It’s better to send mail notification to the Business users also along with RPA Team. So that they also aware of the issue why Bot failed.

If they have permissions to control robot passwords that means they have access to Orchestrator, and that means they can receive the Orchestrator alert emails for faulted jobs.


They don’t have access to Orchestrator. Just they will reset the Bot machine password and will share it to the RPA Team.

Interesting use case. I can’t promise anything here, as it is completely up to our Orchestrator team to consider it, but I saved it for their reference.

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Thanks for the consideration :pray:

Hope Orchestrator team will implement it and release it in upcoming versions as its very useful feature to us.

I agree. The alerting system in Orchestrator is overly basic and should at least have granular options per job and per user, as well as the ability to add any email address as an alert subscriber.

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