Mail Issuee

When I send mail manually with FROM, TO and BCC as my id…
The FROm, TO and BCC are visible in mail…

But if I send through bot … BCC is not available…

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Sorry for the delayed response
well it wont actually as it is a hidden recipient holder
may i know how do you expect if possible a screenshot pls

cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Can you check it manually by sending mail to you with your mail id as BCC…

Check you will get all in the manual mail… But through bot you wont get then BCC

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yah i tried to reproduce this issue
–when i send an email from bot with bcc, i m getting only the content that i have mentioned in the body property
–but if i send the mail from my outlook with bcc, the recipient in it getting the body content along with the signature (that adds up by default)

i hope the bot does right, it gives us only what is passed to it
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

I am not asking about the body of the mail…

I am just asking about the visibility of bcc in mail

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If I send mail with

From: my id
To: my id
BCC: my id

If Mail send manually From, to,bcc is visible
If Mail send manually From, to is visible. Bcc is invisible

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yah it wont
thats what is BCC right
we wont be able to see the recipients mentioned in BCC

and the one you were able to see is your mail id mentioned in TO property not the BCC
to test that mention BCC with different mail id and we wont be able to see that recipient in that mail

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

How it is visible when sending mail manually

Hmm, no i guess it wont
try like this
From : from your outlook account
To : person A
BCC : person B

so when you check with person to whom you have sent that is Person A mail box
we can see only his name we wont be able to see Person B name

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

I’m not getting BCC receipents even in the activities, I mean manually @Sweety_Girl


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i got it
only the sender person can see it i guess
–so use like
–FROM = be users
–TO = person A
–BCC = person B

now if you go and check with that person A mail we wont be able to see the person B name

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

Did you keep BCC as your id

From: Your mail id
To: your mail id
BCC: your mail id

Use gmail

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Check with google account


BCC itself says Blind Carbon Copy. so it won’t be displayed or visible in the mail :slight_smile: