Mail issue


I am trying to use the “Get Outlook Mail Message” functionality. When I have given my details in Account and MailFolder, it is working fine. But when given the other Account and same folder it is giving the message “The Specified Folder Does not exist”, but folder is existing. The confused thing here is when I have my details it is working good. when I have changed the ‘mail id’ in the Account, it is getting the above error. Please help how to resolve this.
Is there is security issues/concerns here, if yes, how it is recognizing the others mailids

Keep Account field empty and try.

I think it will work only for our individual accounts and also if you can’t specify your details in account filed then by default it will take our individual account but not others.

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Account property is exclusively for handling multiple account in the outlook.
If you keep blank it takes default outlook account (single user account).
It suppose to work if you give second user id.

PS: Make sure second user account configured in the same outlook mail application as yours.