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Hello! I want to make a process that handles my specific mail tasks.

In outlook i have 3 different folders with 2 subfolders in each. Every day i get pdf files in this mail folders and then have to download them to specific local folder.

I want it to read through all those mail folders → extract a certaint number out of each pdf file assign that variable as name to the pdf file → download all pdfs to local folder and move the read mail to subfolder, read mail. Any suggestions ? I mainly need help with the loop trough the mail folders and assign name / move file activity

Use Get Outlook Mail Activity To read the mail : Give name of folder which you want to read
Use Save Attachment : Give Path to save that file
Then Using Read PDF or whichever you feel good extract that Number
Then Using Move File activity Give Rename file name
Then use Move outlook mail activity and give sub folder name

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Most Welcome!!!

Happy Automation

one question, the move file activity dont renames the file ?

what u exactly did???
Give like this
it will rename that file

The pdf files in that folder are dynamic names. But want to rename them based on a variable i have.

now it gives the original name + the variable. I only want it to be named as the variable.pdf

so u know the path of that file ryt??
say file path is
extracted data in var= 123
“C:\UiPath\ “+var.Tostring+”.pdf”


what value is present in

pdf path its the path of the pdf file. the pdfso its the variable i want it to be renamed to

Iris_mail_handler_flowchart.xaml (15.9 KB)


Yes thanks !

Iris_mail_handler_flowchart.xaml (15.8 KB)

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