Mail Functionality Not Working With Insights

How to handle when mail functionality is not working with Insights?

Double check smtp config, follow Setup Insights Email Settings without SMTP Authentication

  1. If this is an initial setup, just go through the steps like normal and make sure to not provide a password in the password field. Also do not provide an SMTP username.
    • Setup is either done at install time or by going to 'Add/Remove Programs', finding the Insights installation and selecting 'Modify'
  2. If previously, the SMTP configuration was done and a password was provided, the email settings need to first be deleted.
    1. Go to the following URL: https://insightsURL/app/account/login
    2. Login using the admin credentials that were defined during the initial installation
    3. After logging in, go to https://insightsURL/app/dev/api/docs/#/. The browser will be taken to the swagger Rest API for insights.
    4. Click the 'Settings' header and navigate to the header in the 'Settings' section that says, 'DELETE /settings/email_server'
    5. Click on the heading and then select 'Try it out' (It should be on the line that says 'Parameters'
    6. After clicking 'Try it out', click the 'Execute' button. If successful, this will return a 204.
  3. After the above steps are done, modify the SMTP settings as described in step 1.