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Hi Team,

I am just extracting the email body content from asset. I want to include
the value of a variable inside the email body. For instance
Hi Ram,

Welcome to forum.

Above 2 lines comes from asset whereas name Ram will be dynamically changed. How to pass the variable value ?



Try as below

In asset try to put

Hi {0}

Welcome to forum

And assign a variable for example

Name = “Bala”

Now assign another variable as

Message = String.Join(AssetVariable, Name)

Hope this may help you



In Asset mention the value like below.

Hi Name,

Welcome to forum.

After reading the asset value Replace Name with variable value as below.


Here, varName is variable of type String.

As you said i am assigining
name = “Bala”

I am storing the mail content in asset

in assign

in assign

output showing is only Bala other content is missing


Sorry, can you try as below

String.Format(AssetVariable, Name)


Working as expected, marking as solution, thanks

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