Mail.From.Address is returning a null value in Production while works in Debug


I am currently using get outlook mail message activity and I am facing the same issue where the mail.from.address is returning a null value. this problem only occurs for a particular sender. Does anyone have any idea about the cause of this issue?


Hi @mingjun.tan

Would you say there is something specific about the email address of that sender, or that particular email in general?

Hi Marciej,

There does not seem to be any extraordinary about the email address of the sender. In fact this, when studio is run from another machine, the sender’s email.sender or email.from.address works normally. It is only within the production machine that this issue is encountered (and for this sender).

Much appreciated,

p.s. thanks for the prompt reply

Found any solution to this ? I am facing same issue.

Below post worked for me.