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I am working on a process using UiPath community edition, where the customer orders food through the mail.

So there are two restaurants (1. sauce, 2. prattles) present and both restaurants are working together.

So if the customer orders food using mail, both the restaurants can receive the mail.

But there is a condition. The first two orders should be taken by sauce restaurant and the third order should be taken by prattles restaurant.

For Ex: 1st order -> sauce restaurant.
2nd order -> sauce restaurant.
3rd order -> prattles restaurant.
Now again,
4th order -> sauce restaurant.
5th order -> sauce restaurant.
6th order -> prattles restaurant and so on.

So how should we go about performing this process??

Hello Moola,

You can use a “GET MAIL” activity to get your mails on your inbox. Then, you extract the mails as a list

Declare a Counter on one and iterate throught your mail list with a for each

If counter = 1
Send a mil to sauce
end if
Counter = counter +1
If counter = 2
Send a mail to sauce
End If
Counter = counter +1
If counter = 3
send a mail to prattles
COunter = 1
End if

And you continue to iterate through your loop.


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If you are looping with your emails then for the first mail create a text file as sauce1 and for second mail create another text file as sauce2.

So every time before you placing the order you need to check this folder, if the files count are 2 then the order should go to prattles. By that time you need to clear this folder. This mechanism will work even if the process does not have any database and also idle for few hours.

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