Mail Folder Management using IMAP

Hi Team,

For now, with help of IMAP activities, we can only read or move emails. However, it would be great if UiPath can add mail folder management as part of IMAP activities. By folder management I mean create, rename or delete folders. It should also be able to do the same tasks for nested folders.

Currently, Outlook activities can achieve these tasks, however, it is too complex. Besides this, it is dependent on the Outlook application which is not an efficient way most of the time.

Recently I came across a python library i.e. imaplib which works quite fast and is way too easy to use. It would be great if we can replicate these capabilities in Studio Activities.

Happy Automating :fire:


Thank you for your suggeston @kiran.suryavanshi

Our team will consider it in the future :slight_smile:

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