Mail Date time output is different for Office Date time and Exchange Date time?


I am trying to get the Date time of an Email.
When i used Outlook Mail Activities “Mail.Header(“Date”)”, i am getting an output of "03:24:13 "
but when i used Office 365 Scope and mail.sentdatetime.tostring method, i am getting the “02:24:13” which is exactly one hour less?

Can anyone tell why it is coming?

i think its a system date you can check that once.

no its not, exchange API does not interact with System Date, API interacts with Exchange Server.

Hi @Santhosh_Hyd

I think the datetime variable coming from Office 365 activity should have the time zone attached to it, most likely the UTC one (+00:00).


is there any way , we can able to know the Exchange Time Zone? or is there any to get the Date Time of an email which should be exactly as in the email using the exchange activity method?

If one of the variables is returned as a DateTime variable, you could most likely extract the timezone. You can also try to look into different date string formats, in case the activity returns a string that is automatically converted to specific format in the Output panel (but still consists other data if you print it out using custom format that includes the timezone).

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