Mail can't filtered

I could not get attach file if i set filter.
Could you tell me how to set it?

Hello uipass-ryo,

It’s a valid issue that you have here , but not the one that you are thinking of :slight_smile: We kinda didn’t clean-up the options that you have there for filter, and that’s why you are able to add filter that looks like : CurrentMail.Subject = “SampleEmail” . According to the documentation the filter option on the save mail attachment is there to determine what kind of attachments you want to save. For the kind of filter that you want to implement you have 2 options:

  1. Add an outlook a search folder that will filter the emails according to your criteria , and then use that folder as input to your for each mail activity
  2. Add an if activity in which you do the actual filtering according to your criteria and then inside the if clause add the save mail attachments activity

Out of the 2 I would chose the first one because in this way you ( the robot not you :smiley: ) will not have to load all the email messages in memory and iterate through all of them in order to determine if the email message validates the filter criteria.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your help.
I got it. The filter is for like attachment type.
And thank you for your advice about mail filter.

If someone is using “Get Exchange Mail Messages” activity, please reffer to this link:

How to filter Exchange Mailbox using activities