MAIL BODY to outlook using excel file

Hi guys,

This is my project flow,

    1. Read range and from EN sheet and take the range and convert into DATATABLE TO HTML and using a text file create the mail body and put the data table in the text file. Use this text file as a mail body in the SEND OUTLOOK MESSAGE ACTIVITY.
  1. Then In sheet EN if the E2 cell is equal to the MAIL sheet MAIN Column then use the mail address depend on the E2 cell in the EN and send the mail to the respective mail address.

  2. And also

I create the flow and but it’s not checking the next page for the mail address and also i used if condition with empty or null expression in the last steps to check mail address for the ceratin name is empty or not.Could some please take look into the workflow and let me know where is that exact issue

please check the excel file and text file for this process.

Thank you

LATEST TEST.xlsx (12.4 KB) test.txt (29 Bytes) ANOTHER PE.xaml (12.5 KB)


check below activity

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Thanks of the information…

But that is not my issue .My issue is in the excel file is not the checking the mail address using the value from one sheet to another sheet.