Mail automation issue

I have a mail folder say Inbox1 under which i will have number of subfolders say 01 - Jan, 01-Jan FM, 02 -Feb, 02 - Feb FM, and so on till 12 - Dec and 12 - Dec FM .
Now, in these 24 folders have some processed mails present.

So, I have to move mails of 3 month older month from current month to destination folders say Inbox2 and Inbox 3
Inbox 2 is the destination folder for 01 - Jan kind of folders , i.e., without suffix FM
Inbox 3 is the destination folder for 01 - Jan FM, i.e., with suffix FM

And the subfolders under inbox 2 and inbox needs to be created as per inbox 1 with month and year values.

I am stuck over this place … can you please help me on this.

Everything can be done using Move Mail activity or Move Outlook Mail Message activities @Chandni

The conditions have to be defined based on the requirement, get started with the process and let the forum know if you have any questions :slight_smile: