Mail attachments empty or missing

I am trying to automate the download and processing of files which I receive via email. I can retrieve a list of mail messages from my inbox with the GetMailMessage activity (I tried the GetOutlookMessage activity as well), but when I check for the presence of attachments (.Attachments.Any() or .Attachments.Count>0) or try the Save Attachement activity no attachments are found, even though the mails clearly have files attached to them. Any ideas?

Cheers, deacon

Check item.attachments.Any @deacon

@sreekanth: I tried that. The method returns False even for mails that actually do have attachements.

mailattachmnts.xaml (9.1 KB)
Refer to this file and let me know if this works @deacon

I already tried the example process: I does not work.


This is strange.It is working fine for memailattachmnts.xaml (7.6 KB)

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I discovered that it depends on the Outlook version running on the computer. I use Outlook 2016. When I tried a different machine which runs Outlook 2013, the process worked fine. I will continue working on the machine with Outlook 2013, but would still appreciate it, if someone has an explanation for why it does not seem to work for Outlook 2016.

Update: After I spoke with our IT department I learned that it has to do with my company’s IT policies. Apparently, Office 2016 allows companies to apply policy restrictions more specific and targeted. Restrictions, which under Office 2013 would have crippled the Outlook performance can now be applied taylored to a specific policy. I switched to the Exchange Server Activities, which seem to work for my purposes.