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Hi all,

  1. i have a folder which have 50 files now i have to mail the file one by one from that folder with subject name “today date_akr” using outlook.
  2. i have a excel sheet and i have to sum first 5 rows and so onand the cloumn start with price and and i have to send the mail as mentioned above condition please help me out with work flow

@akritiverma316, Step one, use the Directory.GetFiles(“Path to folder”).

then use a for each activity, inside the for each drag in the send outlook mail, see example xaml file below:

Step two, mind sharing the file?, you can tweak the data if it the file contains some confidential information.

Main.xaml (6.3 KB)


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how to eleminate time bcz i am getting time as well

@akritiverma316, are you sure you wrote it exactly how i wrote it?

I mean this normally eliminates time: DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"). This should return the date in the format you specified.

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i have one more thing to ask regarding file like a file is downloaded in a folder now i have to check the file with .xlxs format and if it is found yesterday then move to other folder.
same with outlook if the file has yesterday date bot have to skip that file from dwonload when it run dynamically

inside the for each, drag in the if activity and your condition should be something like this:


this is checking the path of the file if it contains yesterdays date, in the then section you can then drag in the send outlook mail activity and leave the else part blank.

@SenzoD help me na

what about the getoutlook mail msg there in if condition i chack attchment if yes then downlod now in that part i have to take if loop and put same condition correct me if i am wrong

not working can you share me the workflow for both condition for file as well as get date in get outlook

can you share workflow for get outlook date i mena i have to made a bot which has to download the present date attachment and if it found it is yesterday mail it has to ignore

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