Mail addresses does not write by robot on Postman Application


I build a sequence for take some data from excel sheet and write a mail body on Postman application.
Everything go on fine untill " type into " part .Studio is writing method code but however mail adresses could not written by it.
Please check the screenshots.

“{”“customerBank”“:[{”“bankCode”“:[”“”+bankCode+“”“],”“customerMailAddresses”“:[”“”+customerMailAddresses+“”“],”“customerPhoneNumbers”“:,”“extCustomerId”“:”“”+extCustomerId+“”“,”“message”“:”“”“,”“sendToMailAddresses”“:[”“”+sendToMailAddresses+“”“],”“status”“:true}]}” -----> This is the mail body template that using for Postman mail body!

s you see in the pictures,Email addresses appear on the output console.But you will notice that mail addresses dont appear on the postman mail body.Robot does not write mail addresses there.


Any help for this issue?

I would recommend sharing your solution, or at least a snippet. There is likely an error/type in what you are trying to do, but it will be hard to investigate without seeing what you are doing.