Macro output returning wrong values

Hello UI Developers,

I am Facing an issue. When I’m running a macro by passing arguments its is returning wrong values in the Macro activity output. Note I checked the values returned by original macro in excel by using message box of excel macro. But somehow the value given in output of macro activity comes wrong which is a constant wrong value of -232560116 something this large.

Also the same set of activity is running fine for non-parameterized Macros. I checked those values in excel as well as UI path output they are same for latter case. But not for Parameterized case.


HI @Ravi_Chotaliya

Check the method name and pass it in execute macro activity

Ashwin S

Yes and after that Macro activity is not returning actual value i.e. “0” instead returns “-2785463” something like this a wrong value

Hi @Ravi_Chotaliya

Can you share the macro code