Machine Unavailable Yet Robot Is Available

Hi All,

In my orchestrator, I’ve set up multiple environments for running multiple processes.

I’ve robots in each environment that use the same machine but different AD (Active Directory) accounts.

Example: -

  • A robot in the first environment is running a scheduled process
  • A robot in the other environment runs on a trigger based process & is dynamically allocated

Both of the above processes use the same machine but different AD accounts.

While the scheduled process is running; the trigger based process also runs. As the bots are in different the process is potentially pushed to the busy machine as Orchestrator shows the robot in the 2nd environment as connected.

My question; is there a way to tell the Orchestrator when dynamically allocating whether a machine is busy rather than depending on the robot in that environment?

Thanks for your time reading & if you need any further information on the above example; let me know.

@rockymario4321 - they can’t tell the machine is busy - bcz in a real time scenario →
a machine with 2 or 3 users accounts → can execute the different jobs parallel with a setting of number of runtimes (2 or 3) (License → Unattended → Runtime setting)

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