Machine template question


Just a little question about machine templates.

Assuming we have a dedicated production tenant where there are 2 machines connected.

Is it necessary to create 2 machine templates, or at least one for each machine, to run different robots on two separate machines?

Or is it possible to create one machine template and associate the same machine key with both machines?

Thank you

Hello @sanem3

As per my understandin You will have to create separate Machine tempalte for each system. Because it will create different machine keys for your system. Also you can refer the below for more clarity.

The other post is incorrect.

You can re-use the same machine template, that’s why its called a template.

You allocate multiple licences to the template and use the keys on different machines. Its how we do it.

@Jon_Smith is correct. Templates are intended to be used by 1 or more machines (ideally each of the machines are setup the same way so there are not any issues with a Processes requiring a specific machine to run successfully).

Please see the documentation for full details on Machines and the differences between a Standard Machine and Machine Template.