Machine Learning in UiPath Demo Help

Hi All,

I am pitching UiPath to my firm and a common ask is what are the use cases for Machine Learning. I am not familiar enough with the product but want to be able to show it off to more of the technical team to get buy in.

Can someone send me a link to an example I could download to show off how UiPath uses ML?

Also any other use cases that I could put in a powerpoint would be helpful as well.


Do you have usescases that need ML that you’d like to solve?

Hi Cosin,

No, I am looking for something I could demo. Wondering if there is anything in Github that would allow me to show what the ML capabilities are in UiPath.

I am trying to sell this to my organization and they are interested in ML however I do not have any idea how ML can be used in UiPath.