Machine Learning Extractor using pdf file format

Hi UiPath Team,

I have downloaded the example file given in your documentation and implemented the flowchart changing the taxonomy with my particular taxonomy file. The flowchart is running but I am unable to extract the required field present in the data. even tough I tried using the manual bounding technique but the specified field data is unable to extractor.

Is it the version problem or something else.

Kindly help me out with the flow of the work and explain the process to implement.


Is there any error you are getting while running the workflow?



I am not getting error. I am getting the field which is mentioned in the taxonomy but it is not fetching the field data automatically even it not fetching after the manual bounding box is made over the respective field.

Please find below the screenshot of the last step which I am getting.


Did you find the solution? I’m facing the same problem.