Machine learning extractor training


How to do a feedback loop for the extracted data from invoices. I am using machine learning extractor training but where do I import the output data to ?

In the metadata folder I only see a json (13.7 KB)

After running your code, it should create three folders (inside of the directory of the output folder). From here you will manually need to zip these folders into a single one and upload it to the UiPath application “data manager”.

If you want a little more detail, I had a similar question and got a response from a UiPath member here:

Since the tool is so new all of the functionalities are still be developed and will be released over the coming updates. Hope this helps!

Hi, I think that I know the answer, but: can I send this ML Training data to the UiPath community site:


No, as of now this is not supported. I am unsure if this feature is planned.

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