Machine Learning Extractor : Timeout policy Error

Hi Team,

I am seeing this error while I am running Document understanding error :
Machine Learning extractor : The delegate executed asynchronously through TimeoutPolicy did not complete within the timeout.

It was working fine earlier, and works well too with less files say 5 , but when 20+ files are processed, im seeing this error.

Any kind of help or guidance is appereciated.

Thank you and Regards.

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Hi @Rajesh_Shet ,

We encoutered the same issue. Are you find how to resolve it?
If yes, we would like to share it with us please.

Hey @MigT , I believe it is an error causing due to lag or slow remote VM ( virtual machine), the system was reconfigured the issue was fixed. I am not yet sure what is exactly causing that error.

P.s: Not working on that project right now. Maybe you can raise a service request. if you are running on an enterprise license check this out : Contact Technical Support

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Thanks @Rajesh_Shet for your response :slight_smile:

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