Machine learning extractor extract name in a CV

machine learning extractor extract name in a CV . For example on that PDF below , how do we extract the name with there is no key that we can use . Unlike the phone there is key which is "Phone: " so that we can easily add it on the extractor configuration, but the problem is when it comes to name . Any idea guys ? Thank you.

samplecv01.pdf (478.0 KB)

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Any idea would be appreciated. Thank you,

Cause for invoice uipath has , is there something for general ? like we can also apply to resume and cv ? Thanks

You can retrain existing models with your own keys.

For that you’ll need the Data Manager to label your data:

With the labled data you can then retrain a model:

But I’m not sure if there even is an existing out of the box model for CVs. You can’t/shouldn’t use the invoice model as it is (as the name implies) for invoices only.

So you might have to create your own model:

I hope that helps,