Machine Learning Extractor - Custom Model Error

Hi All,

I have trained my own custom ML model in AI Center and the same I need to utilize in my dev to extract data, I can get the ML skill whatever I created in AI Center, but I have a doubt here, What is the Endpoint URL and APIKey where should I get this two options.

Hi @SrenivasanKanna ,

The API Key would be the Document Understanding API Key.

The Endpoint URL is the URL of the ML Skill Made public.

We can go to the ML Skill, Click Modify Current Deployment and Enable Make ML Skill Public

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Thank you! Super Cool and one more thing when we create Own custom ML model we can use either Endpoint URL or ML skill options am i right ?

@SrenivasanKanna , Yes. We should be able to use either one of the two Options. Either an Endpoint URL or the ML Skill.

Using the Endpoint URL shown as a visual in the below post :

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