Machine Learning Classifier


I am facing a problem while dealing with machine learning classifier
In fact i successufully configured the taxonomie but while selecting options (as you see in the screenshot)
i just found invoices , purchase orders

Hello Amani,

I don’t really understand your issue - what is it you are trying to do? What options are you looking for?
Have you tried configuring the ML Classifier as described here Machine Learning Classifier ?


my type of documents that are defined in the taxonomy are : passport,ID card etc
The issue is i am finding invoices , receit etc in the configuration of the machine learning classifier

Can you please try out this guide Machine Learning Classifier ? :slight_smile:

Hi @Amani_Boukadidaaa,

Per my understanding, not all document types defined in taxonomy would show up if in case those doc types doesn’t require ML skills.


Could you also try to include keyword and intelligent keyword classifiers under classify document scope? It should then show up the whole list under configure classifiers.

Also I would suggest to create your project using below template as it is pre-configured with some examples.



It depends on the package/ML skill you have trained based on the model you pick. If you are importing the ML skill which is trained out of Invoice, it will produce the results of invoice fields where you have to map with your taxonomy.

When you define some other values in taxonomy and trying to match the invoice values, it will not pop-up. you have to train the ML skill to get those new fields for that. The above mentioned are detailed information :slight_smile: in short, the values that your trying to populate in the classifier will be based on the ML skill which you train. Hope this helps.