Machine key on


I have next issue, i’m trying create new robot on orchestrato to connect studio to it, but i can’t find Machine key on it:

what i’m doing wrong?

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Hi @dmitry_davydov

See this

The panels in Orchestrator have been redesigned. You will need to first create your Machine under Machines which contains the machine key. Afterwards you can assign your Robot to that Machine. You can find more info in the Orchestrator documentation.



Thanks! It’s work

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I am still facing this problem not able to find Machine Key in while creating a new robot.
If you can help me through this.

You just need get it from machine now:

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Thanks for you help.

I connected the robot in Orchestrator with the machine key but still it is showing me robot unavailable.
Please see the image below:

Please hover your mouse over the Status of the Robot in your Windows. It will give specific information what is wrong.

Need to create robot with same name and password like your domain on local machine

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I did what you said but still it is not clear to me what is wrong in the Orchestrator it is showing in status of Orchestrator that robot is disconnected.

I used the same name and password but still it is showing robot unavailable.


Your machine name from Robot Settings (WINIG250097-GHA) does not match the one from orchestrator (ASSIGN121)
Remake the machine from Orchestrator to be WINIG250097-GHA and provision the robot again.

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Yes it works. Thanks for help.

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