Machine Key is typed automatically when I type Orchestrator URL in Robot Setting


I’m trying to clear cache/setting.file but I don’t know where it is.
On a Robot setting page,Machine key is typed automatically when I type Orchestrator URL.

I dont want to keep the combination of machie key and machine name
cause I use same PC as training.
of course, before adding robots, we clear all robots and machines.

Does anyone know some solution?


Every time when you register a new robot, you will get a new machine key. So you have to re-enter your machine key and URL.

I don’t know whats the issue? Can you please elaborate?


Thank you for your replay.

I know when I register a new machine, I get new machine key.
But I type/select Orchestrator URL in a UiPath Robot Setting page,
old machine key is typed automatically.

detail a Robot Setting, type the tenant URL’s first letter like “h” (https://~) in a Orchestrator URL field
2.Orchestrator URL and the OLD machine key are typed automatically connect button
4.the message box “Invalid machine key” is shown up the new machine key connect button then robot connect


I think there is cache somewhere.


It will automatically enter the previous machine key along with the URL. You have to delete and reenter if you have a new machine key.