Machine key does not appear after provisioning a robot/machine

Hi All,

I have provisioned a machine in orchestrator, the machine name when i’m setting up the robot matches the machine name in ‘Uipath Robot’. Username etc is all correct too.

The problem is after i click ‘create’ i’m not being prompted with the machine key to enter in to the UiPath Robot window. The robot remains as disconnected and i’m not able to find the machine key anywhere.

Does anyone have any advice?

The panels in Orchestrator have been redesigned. You will need to first create your Machine under Machines which contains the machine key. Afterwards you can assign your Robot to that Machine. You can find more info in the Orchestrator documentation.

Refer this


@Duane_Higham You will find Machine Key under ‘Machine’ tab in Orchestrator. Click View on your Machine name and you will get the Machine Key there!

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That worked !


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