Lvl 3 assignement 2 : I don't understand the procedure

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of carrying out Assignment 2 and I must confess that it is particularly difficult because the procedure to be followed is made up of a few errors and, above all, it skips many steps that are essential to the proper functioning of the process.

Up to the configuration of the Get Transaction Data I managed to get out of it but now what the procedure does for this step makes no sense. I have retrieved my Datatable from System1’s WI5 workflow. What the procedure does is, in Get Transaction Data, check that the transaction number is smaller than the size of the datatable like this:
in_TransactionNumber <= in_WIList.Count

However, WIList is a datatable and therefore has no count function.

This is something I don’t understand at all, so why not just make a For each row? Help me please.

in_WIList.Rows.Count if it is a data table.

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Thanks. Also, in client information treatment I have a problem with Country name.
I get text block with client information (client ID, Name, Country). I split it like this :

clientInfo.Split({“:”, vbCrLf},StringSplitOptions.None)

And I obtain this :

Client ID, UK18656,Client Name, Raymond Crider,Client Country, France

Then, I just get all elements like this :


So the final result is :

UK18656,Raymond Crider, France

As you can see I can get all elements correctly BUT there still a space in the country. Many solutions for this problem prople tell to use “Trim” but I already use it. Should I usr substring and remove the first char everytime ? (this is not a cleaner way to do that but I have no choices left).

split like this, so need to worry about spaces. (splitting by colon followed by space)

clientInfo.Split({": ", vbCrLf},StringSplitOptions.None)

I test it and nothing changed. I found out it is just a output display bug because the project was validated 100%… Thanks a lot.

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Congrats. Please mark the post that helped you in solving the issue. Thanks.

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