Lotus Notes 9 crashes when UiPath interacts with it

On a fresh system the first time UiPath wants to interact with Lotus Notes, Notes crashes. The second time it works and from then on it always crashes. What could be the issue? Thanks for any hint.

Lotus Notes 9 is the issue!

I completely agree, but if the management wants Notes, I have to live with it. UiPath is even needed the most in organizations with outdated architecture. There must be some kind of workaround as it always works the second time I open Notes on a fresh installation.

I agree and sorry that wasn’t overly helpful.

I think I’d be speaking with the team that hosts Lotus Notes - is there anything in Event Viewer which might give a clue as to why it’s crashing. Is there anything you can do beforehand to kill any process that is either related to Lotus Notes or potentially causing a conflict.

Not going to be an easy one to resolve I’m afraid.


Hi there @Jizh,
Unfortunately, I’m unaware of an easy fix for this.

With that said, it may be worth performing your interaction through surface-based automation, which may alleviate the issues.

Thanks in advance,

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Thank you for the reply, I just wanted to be sure that this is not a common problem that has been solved before.