Loss of table format when opening csv (academy training)

There is a task about data scraping in the UiPath academy training where I need to data scrape from a table in wikipedia and save to .csv file.
When I open the csv file it is only comma separated, but in the demo video the table format is kept.

my file looks like this:

it should look like this:

the video is here: Video Demo 2 - Data Scraping

Hi @nft899 ,

Please do like this:-

  1. Open excel–>Data → from text

  2. Select the csv file location and click import

3)Select delimited

  1. In delimiters select comma and click finish.

  2. Select from which cell you want data to come. I selected default option =$A$1.
    Click ok

  3. And voila , your data is ready and the tabular format is retained.

mark as solution :white_check_mark: if it helps you.

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Thank you! This was very helpful and solved my issue.

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