Losing Variable after exiting if Condition

Hi, I created a variable that changes as the user chooses an option inside an Input Dialog with options array. After that I need to call the value of this variable inside SAP to extract data, but it is not pasting anything, I putted a message box to check if the variable is getting any value but it is empty too.

I made something like that:


Can you please make sure there are no duplicate variables ? You can click on the message box and check the list of variables in variable panel.
Also, give a log message just after input dialogue activity to make sure the value is getting populated as output.


Hello @Thiago_Ayusso

You need to give the options like this in the input options array.



This issue is because of the variable scope that you define. Follow below steps

  • Click on If condition
  • Now go to that variable in the variable panel
  • Click on the scope
  • Choose the current workflow name. Now, check the results