Losing progress when doing the RPA Starter course


I’ve already emailed the UIPath support team uipathsupport@uipath.com and had one reply from Simona and nothing more, here’s the problem I’m experiencing:

*Hello, *
It’s been several days since I’ve had ANY response from you on this problem I’m experiencing.

Each time I go into the RPA Starter training it “forgets” any progress I’ve made and this is making your training tool hard to use.

Here’s the URL in case you need it:


*Can someone help please? *





I checked and its working fine. I can see progress also.

And then closed it and opened again. The below screen came. Here, we have to click Resume where you left off and then it will start from there.

No it’s not working fine, I have actually completed up to 50% through chapter 3!!
And originally it did record the progress and then lost that.

Hi @Gary_R

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Hi @Pablito, Please help him to resolve this issue, buddy

Cheers @Gary_R


I completed till Recording in UIPath and its completed 65%. Now close and reopen it and check status.

Thanks for trying this, in the end I had to redo most of the course elements before I could exit the course. This has now been completed.


Hi @Gary_R,
Can you please check if problem occurs on other web browser? At the moment it looks like your browser is blocking some cache or cookies. Please check that out because as you see training is working for others (me as well).