Losing data when reading PDF

Hello friends.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening…?
I have a PDF with 5 pages and when I read this PDF, put it in a variable and write its content it does not show me all the content that is in the PDF, apparently it is failing to put all the PDF content in the variable.

If you look at the attached image, you can see that there are three points that indicate that there is more information, and if you look at the PDF, there is more data that is not within the variable.

I’m using Studio community version 2023.2

Thank you for any help.

Hi @egameiro ,

Could you try to write this data to a Text file and check if all the data is available ? Use Write Text File Activity and let us know the outcome.


Generally when you log it or check from the locals panel you would see truncated data …but the variable might hold all the information… To Confirm as suggested please write the data to a text file and observe

Hope this helps


Thanks for the info Friends…

Both of you were right… when I write the variable to the text file all the information in the PDF appears.



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