I have a workflow where I receive an email, download the attachment, and then input it into a third party system. It can download all 2 attachments but only read the latest one and input it into the system.

This is my excel

this is my system I have to input it into

this is my workflow

Is it possible to loop it?

do you want to read both the attachments?

yes read then input it into the system…

If you are using the Save Attachments activity, it stores the attachments to a list in the Output property.
Then, just use a For each with that variable.
It will look like this:

Get mail messages
Save attachments
For each att In attList
    Read Files
    Open browser
    et cetera

You can also if you want put a flowchart inside the For each activity inplace of the Body sequence.


Hi thanks for the reply.
So i would put a foreach after the save attachments activity?


Yeah, it would go after you have saved the attachments and created a list of those files, which you should be able to store by using the Output property of the Save Attachments.

Also, I noticed you have 2 For each loops that loop through the GetMail variable. You should only use 1 For each.
So, it is For each mail in GETMail, If subject contains keyword, Save Attachments, For each att in AttachList, et cetera


thank you I have solved the problem.