Looping through websites and Scraping data

Hi Team,

I am new to RPA automation and this is the first time i am posting a query.

I am practising on data scraping where i have got a list of websites to scrape data. also every website has more than 1 page to scrape the data.

I have created the bot, but scraping is not working properly… can anyone pls help on this.
Request you to go through the screenshots of the workflow created…

Hi @irfan.mansoori

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What error u are facing there ?

since you mentioned that there are number of url in the excel file and you might have scrapped data from the single url.
So there might be the issue that data would be getting scrapped from the single url only.
Is it that?

Hi Nilay,

The data is not getting scrapped from even a single website…
As an example i have 3 website links in my excel. all these websites have the same format…
Also these websites have several pages… how can i loop through those pages as well.


what data you need to extract from these websites

Hi Nilay,

I am practicing data scraping part. I have several website links of the same format… i want to know how i can loop through each website which is listed in the excel and do data scraping on each website links.

Data scrapping works on xml metadata to identify from where data needs to be scrapped.
This xml metadata could change for change in url.
refer the change in metadata for 2 different site provided by you
image image
which concludes that data scrapping for a particular url cannot be used on other.

Dear Nilay,

Thank you for the update. I believe i have no other option but to practice the scraping part individually for each URLs. In case if u come across another option, request you to assist with the same.

Thanks again for your help.