Looping through two lists and webscrapping

Hi, i have excel sheet with two sheets to loop through(Category and Province), i loop through the 1ts sheet(Category) and within that category i need to detemine the province from the second sheet, so i loop through the the Province sheet as well, both loops i am using For Each Row.

I am using those sheets to manipulate a certain website, so 1st the catergory will be selected in the drop down, then the province, after the province the button search will be pressed.

after the button search is being pressed and the results returned, i need to scrape those results and save them in the respective province, that is where i am having a problem. below is the website i am working on


Hi @Mokate

I had a doubt

Where u want to store the data obtained in result

I am storing back to that exel document, eventually i will use sql server but for now to grasp the concepts i am using the excel

@NIVED_NAMBIAR any suggestions or alternative?

Hi @Mokate

U can either use the write cell activitiy to write the data into cell in excel or use if assign activitiy in the for each activitiy

row(columnname)= result