Looping through text file

I have a text file with a list of stock symbols, and am trying to loop through and capture each row. When I run a write, instead of outputting the row, it outputs each letter in the symbol as a separate line. For example, TSLA would be listed as
I of course don’t want this, but every other option I try gives me an error, for example if I read the file as an array, table, etc.

Hi @Kurt_Brummert

Can u explain ur query well

If you let us know what you’ve tried and give us a sample input, we can help guide you towards a workable solution

Think I found the answer. Looks like I had to split it into an array before looping through it. Otherwise, it just thinks it should loop through each character, regardless of line.

Hi Mate,

You can use String.Split , it will store your characters in the array and then you can use array as per your requirements .

Hope, it helps

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