Looping through multiple occurrences of ocr text for click ocr text

How to loop through multiple occurrences of ocr text for the purpose of clicking it?
Consider a simple scenario: I have multiple links on a web page. Those links contain some common text. Let’s say ‘abcd’. So, when I use click ocr text, it successfully clicks first link containing text ‘abcd’. But what I want is, It should iterate through all the occurrences of links containing ‘abcd’ to do a particular task.

Note that selectors are not working, hence used ocr. So ways requiring selectors are eliminated.

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Is there any pattern what can be scrapped using Data Scrapping and see if you can then loop for a click?



Many issues I haven’t mentioned here, which I faced during the project which I am currently working. One of the major issue was data scrapping isn’t working for this particular website. Data scrapping wizard shows the texts of the links, but when I click finish, nothing happens! I mean it doesn’t show the data scrapping activity. It works for other webites for example google search. That is another reason why I needed to switch to ocr.

@Rajas_Deshpande Rajas_Deshpande
Did you find any solution for this. I am facing similar issue.