Looping through each top level Node in a application TreeView


Can someone direct me to some documentation or what activity to use where I can loop through each node in an applications tree? Here is my use case:

A small forum pops up where the bot will enter a employee ID and add it to the tree. Once that is done, the application will auto-scroll to where the employee id is in the tree and the node will be highlighted.

I think I need to look at each top level node and determine if my employee ID is correct. Could use some ideas on how to accomplish this task.

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Hey @eric.brenner

Looks possible. But could you please post some screenshots for better understanding…


You should be able to generate a dynamic selector that finds the new item in the tree without having to loop through anything. Pull up UI Explorer, click Indicate, and click one of the items in the tree. Post the resulting Selector and a screenshot of the available properties (right side pane in Ui Explorer).

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@postwick It will be some time until I can get back to this task. A task that has trumped this has came up and I won’t be able to get back to this for a while. I will try your suggestion on using a Dynamic Selector.

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We’ve went down a different path using MS Active Directory to execute our plan of adding users where a bot is not involved.

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