Looping through each questions in online survey and update response based on the answers provided in word

Hello All,

I have query here, I need to fill one survey which has Radio buttons, Text box and Drop Downs as answers. I have all the questions and answers updated in the word. I can read word file using work application scope and used Array of strings to store questions and answers in array. My requirement is that I need to read questions in online survey and get the response from word file for respective question from the survey and update the answer from word to online survey and loop. Please help.

We have dictionaries for the same which will help us to pick the value based on the key, but the question should be same in both word and in the application, even the spaces matter here

Yes the questions are exactly same in the online survey and word file. Could you please explain more about dictionaries and how to use them.

This is something like a pair of values,

to give you an example of dictionaries,

lets say dict is a dictionary

dict = {1,A}, {2,B}, {3,C} and so on {26,Z}

or even to give you better, it will be in JSON format like

“1” : “A”,
“2” : “B”,

and so on

, if you give want to retrieve the value specified to key 25 in the dictionary,

dict(“25”) will give you the value Y.

Similarly, lets take your questions as keys and answers as values, so if you pass the question as key to your dictionary, it will give you the answer as value