looping through Data table

need help regarding scenerio that is i am getting value from queue in a variable the value is "Emirati plan 250 " in a varaible .and i am getting “250” from this value “Emirati plan 250” and storing it in another variable to make switch cases. now how can i use foreach loop to loop through whole table and what will be the if condition so that recurring charges column in the attached picture when ever matches “250” and this value i am getting from “emirati plan 250”.when ever these recurring charge value matches the 250 it should click on the select tab.kindly help me out

see the selector of select if some row index is available pass the row index variable to click on select when ever required criteria matches.


@pathrudu in the selector table row is there but i am confused how to tacke that can you please help me out

Vlaue 250 which i am storing in a variable when ever matches “250” under Recurring charge column in the attached picture whe ever the value matches means 250=250 it should click select

you can get the row number of the row which you are processing using DataTable.Rows.IndexOf(Row).

let em try will tell you then